Future Form of the Centre Discussed - On the Spot

Guided tours of the field presentation of the "Radotín Centre" project took place twice in one week. Approximately one hundred people came to see the presentation of the project on the spot, with large-format visualizations, and to hear answers to their questions from the mayor, vice-mayor, and investor representatives.

On Saturday, 12 May, a premiere tour of the location of the project, which should form the new heart of Radotín, took place. The first phase – construction of the residential complex Na Betonce – is finished, and currently the second phase is in progress – public spaces (street and square), residential houses with commercial premises on the ground floors and a new Town Hall built on the foundations of today's boiler house. The solved space is located between Na Betonce street, Radotínský brook and the existing "Berounka Shopping Centre".

Terénní prezentace CENTRA RADOTÍN, 17.5.2018
Future Form of the Centre Discussed on Thursday 17 May

The field lecture took much longer than originally assumed as the listeners asked many questions which significantly contributed to the clarification of the context of the whole “Radotín Centre” project – an intention that the representatives of the Radotín self-government have pursued for 20 years, thanks to the continuity of the local Town Hall. The last five years meant a significant shift in the whole project.

At half past ten, a discussion began at the first information board in the Na Betonce street. All four boards placed on the náměstí Osvoboditelů square focus thematically on particular changes to be made. The speeches by the Radotín mayor Karel Hanzlík and the vice-mayor Mr. Knotek followed the same structure. But owing to various questions from participants, individual topics began to mix from the very beginning. Quite understandable – for the local people, this is actually only one topic, and it was structured just for clarity’s sake.

And because mainly local people came, who are familiar with the local situation and are interested in planned projects, their questions were mostly directed precisely to the points that needed clarification. Thanks to this, the moderators (now and then Lukáš Kohl from the organization Doma je Doma also took the floor) were able to clarify the relations between the planned large construction projects – a private development project, construction of a new Town Hall, two police stations and a new community centre behind the U Koruny house, optimization of the railway corridor and construction of a parking lot.

Many questions concerned the time relations of the above projects – this was the subject of many negotiations between the local self-government and the private project investor. The tour made it clear that the construction of new residential buildings with commercial premises on the ground floors will begin only after the start of construction of the Town Hall, capacity increase of the intersection with traffic lights on the náměstí Osvoboditelů square and, above all, the parking house. The latter already has a valid planning permission.

After completing the tour, the new tenant of the buildings of the former Vindyšova továrna factory, Ski Bike Service, offered the introduction of its project. Considering that this company plans to reconstruct the historic site with minimal interventions, it may be the first brownfield to be made available.

"On behalf of the Town Hall I would like to thank all those who have attended the almost two-hour discussion at the information boards for their interesting questions, for their time and inputs," said the mayor Hanzlík in conclusion of Saturday tour.

A second big presentation of the future Radotín Centre took place on Thursday 17 May on the náměstí Osvoboditelů square. Just as in the previous case, the field presentations and two guided tours led by the Radotín mayor Karel Hanzlík and the vice-mayor Miroslav Knotek raised public interest. Around 50 citizens listened to the history and development of the project, recent changes, the proposal of a new design including a square, a business street, a new Town Hall, and residential houses with shops and services on the ground floors.

Further informal discussions continued at four stands representing the key points of the Radotín Centre intention, as well as a major reconstruction of the railway line (construction of the corridor and the transformation of the local railway station into a fully barrier-free station) or the future possible shape of the U Koruny house (a social, cultural and community centre together with a police station of the Police of the Czech Republic).

With a view to the great interest from citizens, the Town Hall decided to keep the information boards on the náměstí Osvoboditelů square two weeks longer than originally planned, i.e. until mid-June. At the same time, it is considered to repeat this successful event in the streets of Radotín.

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